Top Tips: Returning your Ballot

Artist: @edmon_deharo

It is officially Ballot season! U.S. voters abroad are enthusiastic about voting this year. Vote from Abroad’s website is seeing 2 to 3 times more traffic than it did during the same period in 2016. We’re also getting a lot of questions as deadlines are starting to hit and overseas Americans are receiving their ballots. We are running a Voter Help Desk via Zoom 5 days a week. (Here’s the link.) Many of the voters coming to the voter help sessions are voting for the first time in decades or for the first time. For them — and even experienced U.S. voters living abroad — filling out the ballots and getting them back can be tricky. With over 8,000 jurisdictions administering the elections, there’s a huge variation in ballot formats and requirements between states and even within states.

After a few sessions helping voters and answering their queries at our help desk, here are our top tips for returning your ballot:

  1. Read the instructions: This might seem obvious but all the information you need should be in the instructions. Remember what your teacher said before taking a test? Read the instructions all the way through to the end. The very end.

We hope this helps make the ballot return process a little simpler! If not, join one of our voter help sessions ASAP. Time is running out!



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